National Tree Day is an annual tree planting event, initiated by Planet Ark. Last year, Sewa Australia with the help of Council supported National Tree Day by holding community planting events in which resident’s planted locally native species to enhance our environment and extend habitat for native wildlife.


Sewa’s tree plantation activity has been organised by its volunteers since last few years to promote social awareness and for  the benefit of  local residents. It is held on end of july each year with the support of council.


Sewa’s tree plantation is a great activity which keeps our environment safe from many issues like global warming, creates sufficient oxygen in the air that we breathe and more over it adds community and social values.


Sewa’s tree plantation activity was attended by 25+ Sewa members, families and friends. Different varieties of plants were planted with the help of other members of Council. It was held on 26th of July at Kariwara Street DUNDAS NSW 2117.  Plants and tools  were provided by Parramatta City Council.

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