Namaste All

An Amazing day at Ollie Web Reserve …today was 4th Sunday of the March 2019…Our 1st Monthly Family milan of 2019 near Parramatta.
1) Milan started at 10.00am With introduction game, warm-up by Karthik,
2) Yoga – Pranayama by Manoj Bhaiyya
3) Khel with family,
4) Baitak – Sewa activities and way forward discussion ,
5) Finally Kids below 10 years learnt & prepared Green pulse and Veg Salad, Coleslaw salad sandwiches, Kale_beet_carrot_Apple_pear Juice for everyone… (Flame less cooking)

Theme was healthy food, raw veggie a way of life.. for healthy living by Supriya…at 12.15pm we departed for our routine task.

Thank you all, for making this event successful..look forward to meet you all next month, with 1 new family…Next month 4 people volunteered to support Aditya Bhaiyya..

Aditya Bhaiyya, thanks for driving healthy drink and food concept.. will look forward for next month special drink and food…