The monthly Senior’s Milan took place once again on Saturday 23rd of March, with 20 participants making the journey to Liverpool City Library. Majority of these participants are regular attendees of the event, with many taking one train and two buses to make the journey from their homes to the library. Age is definitely not a limit for these men and women.

The program commenced at 12.30pm with everyone chanting three Om’s. This was then followed by the seniors having a discussion amongst themselves, catching up on each other’s lives and sharing health tips they found useful. They also entertained themselves by singing songs and bhajans with each other. Just because they’re old, doesn’t mean they can’t still have fun.

Sanjeev bhaiyya, a SEWA volunteer, then took over the entertainment reigns and sang a beautiful rendition of Gaata raha mera dil, before handing it over to a new addition to the team – Poonam ji. Poonam ji is a volunteer from the Heartfulness Foundation, who took a 15-minute meditation session for the seniors. Initially, she was only doing it for the one day, however, after experiencing the love and laughter of the seniors, decided that she wanted to keep coming back and share her knowledge with them.

The afternoon concluded with free lunch and masala chai.

The Senior’s Milan takes place on the 4th Saturday of every month, at Liverpool City Library. For more information please contact Sanjeev Undri on 0470298346, or email