Crack Your First Job (CYFJ)

A new migrant assistance service by Sewa Australia

Most professionals who recently moved to Australia have struggled to find their first job where their past experience, knowledge and skills can be best used. Australian employers are constantly seeking suitable employees who can enable them to grow. These new migrants, who are highly skilled, job seekers require help in adapting to Australian job market, cultural understanding, refining their resume to Australian acceptable format and learn the importance of building a good personal brand in their skill category. ‘Crack Your First Job’ in Australia aims to assist the new migrant job seekers to addresses these challenges.

Upcoming Event

Crack your First Job (9th March 2019)

Crack Your First Job In Australia Sewa Australia is organising a workshop for new migrants looking for job…first come first serve… Date : Saturday, 9th March 2019 Time : 09:30 AM to 3 PM Venue Gold Room [...]

Session objective

Provide a structured approach to new migrant job seekers to enable them in increasing their probability of ‘Cracking Their First Job’, whilst embrace Australian culture, economics (become responsible tax payers), and participate in Australia life. The session covers below topics to achieve this objective:

  • Understanding Australian demography
  • Cultural adaptation to Australian culture
  • Business and professional etiquettes
  • Tips to improve online presence
  • Job search strategy
  • Professional networking strategy
  • How to short list target companies to apply
  • Understanding naming convention of job roles
  • Guidance on how to assess a financials
  • Pre and post interview tips
  • Tips to plan and conduct self during an interview
  • Tips and guide on resume and cover letter
  • Understanding job description
  • Sharing personal experiences
  • Interaction with a recruiter – Q&A

Empower – a Networking event

To provide additional value and awareness, we initiated a new networking sessions, named ‘Empower’. We invite and received support from leaders in various large and medium organisations who played a role of ‘Catalyst’ (mentors) to all job seekers, supported by ‘Energisers’ (volunteering and expert group) in a business formal MeetUp format in Liverpool Library meeting hall in December 2017. This event will be run on a quarterly basis.

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