SEWA’s Blood Donation and Bone Marrow registry drive is an ongoing effort to create awareness and benefits of Blood Donation and registering individuals on Bone Marrow donor registry. On bi-annual basis (usually during April/May and October) a mass donation drive is conducted across various SEWA Australia sites. Please get in touch with one of our site volunteer for more information for nearest and upcoming donation schedule at your state.


Sewa as an organization since its inception in 1996-97, believe in saving life thru “BLOOD DONATION” drive and have organized more than 75 drive since start and more than 1000 units been donated thru SEWA. Sewa’s Blood Donation and Bone Marrow Registry drive’s sole purpose is to work with Australian-Indian communities and other like-minded organization, to spread awareness on benefits of Blood Donation, Use and need of blood and its components in Australia.


Sewa work with various like-minded organization to drive awareness on Blood and Plasma donation with vision to drive mass donation across Australia under one banner to echo the Hindu principle of “VASUDAIVA KUTUMBAKAM”.

Sewa actively teamed with HOTA forum members to drive Blood Donation & Bone Marrow registry’s under one banner to prove to the fact, “sangathan mein shakti hai” (strength lies unity), where various members of HOTA (Hindu Organisations, Temples and Association) joined hand together to drive awareness of “SAVING LIVES”.


This is a greater vision of Sewa, aligned to vision of HOTA forum members, of uniting all Hindu Organisations to drive Blood donation under one banner with a sole objective of bring multiple like minded organization under one umbrella to drive a vision of Whole World is One big family (“VASUDAIVA KUTUMBAKAM”) .

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