Sewa looks to promote education based on the Sanathana Dharmaic Philosophy of “Na Gyanen Sadrusham Pavitram Iha Vidyate.” (Nothing is more sacred than education). Often though many communities find it difficult either due to limited means or social circumstances to support the education of kids and allow them to reach their full potential.

Refugee Tutoring

In this regard the main tutoring activity that Sewa carries out now is arranging for NSW HSC tutoring for refugee high school children who have arrived in Australia recently. Currently the main refugee community that Sewa supports is the Bhutanese refugee community in Sydney . Both adults and children alike of this community have spent a number of years in refugee camps in Nepal before making Australia their home.



Partnership with HSC Bootcamp

Sewa is partnering in this regard with HSC Bootcamp a Sydney based HSC Tutoring and Coaching organisation headed and operated by a bunch of gifted young adults who themselves received outstanding HSC scores. HSC Bootcamp employees volunteer their own time at no charge to impart this coaching on weekly basis to the Bhutanese kids.



More Information

Sewa has plans to expand this to other refugee communities as well as kids in younger age groups who may also be in need as we build a network of eligible professional willing to give up their time.

For more information about the Tutoring activity or to volunteer, please contact:

Teresa Sundaresan