Sewa recognises that mentally healthy and socially active senior citizens are integral seniors-Acivityv1 to the well being of society. So Sewa organises a number of activities to help improve the mental health, social interaction and civic awareness of senior citizens of South Asian origin. A number of the senior citizens of our community have also come to Australia at very advanced ages to live with their kids or grand kids and therefore have left behind family and social networks and they find it challenging, to rebuild these connections in Australia.

Sewa identifies the need to promote Active Ageing for seniors in the community. Hence, Sewa has been working on strengthening families through support, health and well-being of seniors in the community with focus on Indian community to create a healthy, enabling and empowered society.

Vision of Sewa is to empower the families by supporting Senior Citizens wellbeing in the community through various programs and thus to build a Sustainable and Equalitarian society.

Sewa’s mission is to create healthier and happier families which in turn contribute back to the community at large. Sewa collaborates with like-minded organisations to achieve this mission effectively with the support of local councils and other government agencies.

• Supporting and Strengthening Families through Seniors initiatives
• Assisting Seniors going through tough times by providing information, knowledge and appropriate referrals
• Providing support to families in transition and distress through senior’s settlement in Australia.
• To create a support hub with resources, information, training programs to provide support to Seniors to adopt to latest technology.
• Aiming at social, economic and healthy well-being environment for the families by helping seniors with active ageing.



Every month Sewa organises a Seniors meet at Liverpool Library in Sydney where a large group of seniors get together for about 3 hours and there is a varied programme for them including:
Light Entertainment- Songs, Poetry, Jokes, Spiritual sharing, Birth day or Anniversary celebrations and so on ..
Health & Wellbeing – Talks on Yoga, Nutrition, Meditation, Stress Management,
Civic Awareness- Rail Safety, Crime Alertness, Government assistance programs
The program usually concludes with refreshments being served.


Sewa also organises bi annual or annual field Trips for the Seniors group to give them a chance to get out of Sydney and explore other parts of Australia. Usually Seniors are guided onto an exclusive bus trip for a day to a destination where they enjoy the nature as well as celebrate any special occasions, play games, sing songs and dance.
The journey starts with a fruit and Tea or juice, stop over for breakfast, reach the destination and relax for a while.
They do some basic stretches guided by a trained volunteer and the entertainment unravels slowly before they realise they realise delicious vegetarian lunch is awaiting them. They have some entertainment and then a small walk to explore the place and hot beverage is served. They get ready to return home and they make sure they have lot of exchanges about their childhood memories and good times making their long journey like minutes..
These Picnics and Milans are a great way to ACTIVE AGING..


There is a big cultural and entertainment program that is organised towards the end of Seniors week in which the Seniors enthusiastically take part. This is conducted in collaboration with Sri Om Care who are specialised in wide range of Seniors activities.

Seniors from all corners of Sydney assemble in the venue and start with greeting each other over refreshments and hot beverages. They get ready to view various cultural programs presented by mainly by seniors from various communities and cultures. The programs are also supported by youngsters from different groups to entertain seniors. The food is extended throughout and fruits as well as beverages are also provided for those who may require due to medical conditions. Sumptuous lunch is provide towards the end of the program and seniors greet many seniors across communities and share their experiences. The participants are recognised for their participation and if needed they are dropped off to the public transport to return home before dark.
This is the most fun filled event and Seniors look forward for this day every year.

Sewa collaborates with organisations like

  • Sri Om Care
  • Local community professionals
  • Art of Living
  • Local Councils
  • Department of Police
  • Guests invited to address various issues relating to seniors

For more information about the Seniors Services or to volunteer,

please contact: